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Customised sealing solutions to customer-specific requirements are our speciality. Our Toolmaking Department develops the required stamping tools for 100-% in-house production and always finds ways to solutions where none yet exists. Do you have special requirements? What can we develop for you?

Success story twin rings


Instead of 420 seconds


saving in assembly time.

The problem

  • The problem

    A German car manufacturer came to us with the request to develop a product that would simplify and significantly speed up the installation of sealing rings for use on banjo bolts and fittings in the engine area and make it more reliable.

The background

  • The background

    The attachment of banjo fittings, on their corresponding lines, with individual sealing rings, to engines in areas of poor accessibility, always costs the manufacturer a great deal of time - in this case, 420 seconds. In addition, this conventional assembly method included the risk that the rearmost of two rings would not be correctly installed. This assembly fault might not be noticed until the engine was on the test rig and the complete ring set then had to be refitted - a "catastrophe" in terms of both time and assembly work.

The solution

  • The solution

    Fischer & Plath developed the twin ring. Two sealing rings, linked parallel to one another by a bridge piece. In this way it was ensured that if the front ring was correctly positioned relative to the fitting, the rear ring would automatically be correctly seated and would be prevented by the bridge from falling off. 88.6 % saving in assembly time and assembly faults reduced to a minimum. Fischer & Plath supplies the twin ring both separately and pre-assembled with bolt. The twin ring is particularly suitable for assembling oil and fuel feeds and returns to engines.


We develop not only products but also the required materials under our own roof – like, for example, FESTAPLAN. FESTAPLAN® is the first asbestos-free filler for metal sealing rings and was developed by Fischer & Plath. It consists of cellulose fibres and binders. The material FESTAPLAN® was primarily developed as a filler in metal sealing rings. The material is outstanding for its good compressibility and spring-back, as well as its machinability with low tool wear.


FESTAPLAN® Data sheet

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