Code of Conduct

„We always set a good example.“

Fischer & Plath GmbH describes the rules in relation to behaviour and ethical principles that form the basis of all economic activities of Fischer & Plath and its employees.

Responsible and ethical behaviour within the company, but also toward business partners, the company and the environment are an integral part of the value system Fischer & Plath. We also make the adherence with the laws and the guidelines listed here a precondition for our business partners. Fischer & Plath places great importance on conveying clarity through the goals it sets itself and the strategy it pursues, but also through its values. In the course of the social development, values and standards are today more explicitly emphasised and more stringently handled.

The fact that we fully comply with all laws and legislation in our corporate actions is of course a given. It is important for Fischer & Plath to always act in a way befitting its role as an economic and social player.