More than education

At Fischer & Plath, we place great value on an education that is not only restricted to professional qualifications.


Our trainees are very early responsible for their own projects. So it may happen that you are working with other trainees in major projects, for example in the planning of a trade fair.

Abroad / Intercultural exchange

During the education we give you the opportunity to make an internship with one of our partners, for example in the United Kingdom or Norway. This is a unique chance to learn more about a foreign country and improve your knowledge of foreign languages.

Further qualification

Fischer & Plath supports you with measures to train in all areas and in all fields, for example, in master courses or aptitude examinations / AEVO.

Training Occupation

Industrial business management assistant (m/f/D)

  • job profile

    Industrial business management assistants control processes under business aspects: the financial side, you take care of cost and performance accounting, in sales you aquire deals and lead sales negotiations, in production you draw yourself responsible for process and production. In HR you choose new employees, are creating personal statistics or take care of you to payrolls.

    Generally speaking, Industrial business management assistants are used for all sorts of tasks with commercial cutting. Because they communicate with both customers and with suppliers, employees and the management, they are in the company as an important interface and switching points. The profession is very varied and responsibly.

Machine / plant operator (m/f/D)

  • job profile

    As plant and machine operator you are responsible for all processing of orders on a machine or system. You take over the set up, modification, operation, maintenance and care as well as the repair of machinery. You be able to monitor the material flow and review by sample checks the quality of the goods.

Specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f/D)

  • job profile

    Core responsibility of logistics is to provide the right goods at the right time in the right quantity at the right location. As warehouseman you accompany goods through all areas of storage: When adopting at the loading bay you are testing the status of the delivery and control the accompanying documents. Then you transported the goods with delivery devices (eg, forklift trucks) to its storage location and take care of the optimal storage conditions (temperature, humidity ...). The deliveries are packed and loaded. You create the accompanying documents and safest goods. For best results, coordination work is important: Different processes will be planned exactly and precisely coordinated. The training in the areas of inventory management and logistics require a lot of care, prudence and a high organizational skills.

Industrial Mechanic (m/f/D)

  • job profile

    Industrial mechanic can work in a number of industries: for example, in the metal and plastics industry, in mechanical and automotive engineering, in the food industry or in the wood and paper processing. They are usually located in the middle of machine events and assume its functions on production lines and manufacturing equipment. No matter what industry you take care of everything that has to do with industrial technical equipment: You FINISH small components made of metal or plastic, build them together into assemblies and all mount it again complete equipment. Then you judge the manufacture machines and plants expertly one, be able to monitor the operation running, behebst disorders and lead necessary maintenance and repair measures. Among the most important requirements of a budding industrial mechanics include the mandatory language skills, a high level of technical expertise, physical understanding and math skills: In everyday working life, it is, for example, to calculate angles to determine lengths or analyze diagrams. Since many machines today are controlled by computer, computer science fundamentals are also helpful.

Tool mechanic / maker (m/f/D)

  • job profile

    As a toolmaker you put forth from raw materials surgical instruments, metal and plastic parts, stamping and compression molding and injection molding, stamping, forming and printing tools. You put individual machine elements together into large units and review after final assembly, the correct functioning of the components. In your work you are editing the material not only by hand, but also uses computer-controlled CNC machines which you program yourself if necessary. Due to the high quality standard in production and assembly the profession of tool mechanic is very demanding.


  • job profile

    As a cutting machine operator (m/f/d) you will manufacture precision parts using processes such as turning, drilling, milling or grinding. Essentially, modern CNC machine tools are used here. Computer-controlled machines are also set up and programmed by you.


    Due to the high quality standards in production and assembly, the job of a cutting machine operator is very demanding.


    Duration of training

    • 3 1/2 years



    • Good secondary school leaving certificate or better


    Skills & Characteristics

    • Care and precision

    • Good spatial awareness

    • Skilled craftsmanship

    • Technical understanding

Your application should include

  • Application letter
  • Your photo
  • Curriculum vitae
  • The latest diploma / leaving certificate
  • Work placement certificates
  • Other certificates

Please send your application to

Fischer & Plath GmbH
HR / Ute Dullweber
Industriestraße 4
D-27804 Berne
phone: 04406 9717-45