Latest technology

New technology

Automated shrinking tube packaging plant


Every day, we set ourselves new challenges. We do this to constantly optimise production processes and make them more efficient, and to consistently keep our product quality at the highest level. The crucial key factor here is the latest technology and reliable production machinery, combined with trained workers. 


Since August 2018, we have been operating our first completely automated shrinking tube packaging plant. The custom machine, fitted with the latest generation of industrial robot, packages up to 400 parts per minute. This is made possible by high-performance controls and a state of the art sensor system.



SANGIACOMO 160 t press


The latest generation of double-stud eccentric press was put into operation in January 2022. The machine is NC controlled with four pillars, two piston rods and adjustable strokes.



Automated ultrasonic washing plant (6 chambers)


For perfect cleaning, we use a multi-level, multi-chamber cleaning plant which guarantees the highest purity demands and high reproducibility. Depending on the requirements, sealing rings and punched parts run through various individual processes, such as pre-cleaning, cleaning, neutralisation, rinsing, fine to ultrafine rinsing and drying, fully automatically.



Expansion of the turning machine park


Since August 2021, we have been expanding our turning machines by two automatic lathes. Both machines are from the latest generation and can be operated with a bar loader. This peripheral system means that production material can be fed into the machines automatically. This means that, if necessary, production orders can be completed overnight using automation. In the course of our new machine purchases, the entire turning machine department has been reorganised, restructured and modernised.


The versatile control and software options mean that the machines are extremely adaptable. The turning machines have been designed especially for production in the following areas:


• Automobile industry

• Wind power industry

• Workshops

• Metalworking industry

• Production industry



Fischer & Plath are also focusing on the latest digital measurement / analysis technology


You can only be sure that the very finest detail is the correct quality when you look really, really closely. The digital microscope from Keyence is particularly good at this. Depending on the optics, it is capable of showing up to 2,000 times enlargement. 


The microscope is used for various purposes within the company, such as preparing expert quality reports for the produced parts, but also to analyse and measure external production prototypes closely. Scratches, points of impact and cavities can be evaluated with precision using 3D measurements.


Our usage options:

• Free angle observation

• Roughness measurements

• Automated residual dirt analysis

• 2D and 3D measurements

• Surface visualisation

• Depth composition in real time

• Images with a high dynamic range